Double Dueting June 2007 tour - Architeuthis Walks on Land + Rachel Thompson and Jonathan Zorn

Tour Dates June 5th-15th

Richmond - June 5th 804 Noise The Neon Drum Plus Constant Mauk and Lily

Charlottesville - June 6th Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar

Philadelphia - June 8th Bowerbird plus Three Basses and a Blue Box

New York City - June 10th Semi-Secret Rooftop Concert

? - June 11th

? - June 12th

? - June 13th

New York City - June 14th The Tank plus Christy and Emily



Architeuthis Walks on Land is Amy Cimini and Katherine Young's improvised project. Cimini (viola) and Young (bassoon and accordion) explore the full expressive parameters of the duo form, working with the material and textural ranges of their instruments. Architeuthis's music spans from a slowly unfolding intimacy to a jagged, kinetic style. Both soloistic and often drone-oriented, the duo draw on their interests in contemporary classical music (which is how they first performed together more than six years ago), free music, and rock. Cimini and Young played together in the piratical folk-pop band The William Young and are part of the trio Civil War (with Adam Sonderberg) and the new music collective Till by Turning. They've worked with Fred Lonberg-Holm, Jessica Pavone, Jason Ajemian, Aram Shelton, Carol Genetti, and Anthony Braxton, among others.

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Jonathan Zorn (electronics) and Rachel Thompson (violin) have been working together on collaborative/interactive works for strings and electronics for over five years. Like musical variations on a three-legged race, no one player has control over their sound. Instead both performers must cooperate to create a group instrument. The current incarnation of their collaboration uses an interactive computer environment that moves between sharply divided electronic sounds and violin sounds to noisy hybrids where the violin becomes both sound source and controller.

Track A