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The Architeuthis Walks on Land CD is available. I haven't made a page for it because I deleted the images by accident and haven't unpacked my scanner. Oopsssss. I'll fix it soon. If you can't wait send an email As with most of our CDs the cost is $12 U.S. postage paid.

Jonathan Zorn + Rachel Thompson upcoming shows

Minneapolis - July 3rd Tuesday Night Series Acadia Cafe

Chicago - July 10th also Jason Soliday (solo electronics) Elastic Arts

Baltimore - July 14th Performing Audiovision for live video and electronics also that night Rueben Radding (solo bass) Red Room


A duet of duets summer tour Architeuthis Walks on Land and Rachel Thompson+Jonathan Zorn

Richmond - June 5th 804 Noise The Neon Drum Plus Constant Mauk and Lily

Charlottesville - June 6th Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar

Philadelphia - June 8th Bowerbird plus Three Basses and a Blue Box

New York City - June 10th Semi-Secret Rooftop Concert

? - June 11th

? - June 12th

? - June 13th

New York City - June 14th The Tank plus Christy and Emily

Also !!! I posted mp3s of my (this is Jonathan Zorn writing) thesis concert on rasbliutto...plus Acid Dionysus versus The Balkan Situations


New works for interactive computer environments...Jonathan Zorn's M.A. thesis concert Wednesday May 11th Wesleyan University CFA Cinema. I'm almost done !!!! Other concerts at Wesleyan this week, Friday the 13th James Tenney memorial concert, Saturday the 14th grad student compositions inspired by James Tenney, Sunday the 14th Hiram Navarette's M.A. thesis. A few weeks later on May 29th will be Eric Paul's thesis concert all are worth catching if your in the area.

Early June East Coast tour in the works. Double Dueting, Architeuthis Walks on Land (Katherine Young + Amy Cimini) with Rachel Thompson + Jonathan Zorn. Only Philly is confirmed at this point. Check here for updates and MP3s. The Archituethis CD will be available at those shows.

Modular Synth Comp is almost ready, probably.


Rachel has been busy making a site for the Balkan Situations... there are some mp3s up. Click here to hear.



SET projects releases are now available from Praemedia in San Francisco and Metropolis in France.

Balkan Situations CDRs are available for $6 (shipping in U.S. included). Order from the band's website in 2.13.07 update



I am attempting to update our site for the new year. Hopefully by the end of the month we will be caught up on images for daily set and have some of Rachel's creations up on stitch set.

If you are in central Connecticut we will try to continue the Tuesday Night Actual Music series at Wesleyan, at least through the beginning of March. Last Fall the series featured God, English, Annette Krebs, Bhob Rainey, Chris Heenan, Michael Vorfeld, The Hub and student performances of rarely heard 20th century treats. Confirmed for the Spring thus far are Jason Kahn and Jon Mueller for March 6th. Other Wesleyan concerts to keep an ear out for, my (jonathan zorn's) MA thesis recital April 11th featuring systems for acoustic and electronic instruments working in peculiar forms of interconnected collaborative sound-making, and April 13-14 two nights of James Tenney tribute concerts. Also continuing from the Fall, every Friday 6-9 at Typhoon (main st Middletown) The Balkan Situations (and often a party somewhere afterwards).

Upcoming releases

Old Spice or Albertjz or some other name just not ensemble - Andrew Lafkas, doublebass, Bryan Eubanks, open circuit electronics, Rachel Thompson, violin, Jonathan Zorn, analog electronics

Architeuthis Walks on Land - Katie Young, bassoon and Amy Cimini, viola

modular synth comp - co-released by EMR, P-Tapes, Melon Expander, and SET projects

The Balkan Situations (non SET release) This is the Balkan music group Rachel and I play in. These might not be posted on our site but if you are interested in a copy you can write to us and we'll se what we can do. The Balkan Situations CD will also feature cover art by Thomposter.



The long awaited much anticipated maybe someday overated debut release of Other is now available

Others - What About My Baby Kitty? David Kendall and Jonathan Zorn on laptops, and Rachel Thompson on analog electronics. Cover art by Thomposter.



Mazen Kerbaj an improvisor and visual artist from Lebanon has been illustrating his experience of the violence in Beirut. Check it out and spread the word. mazenkerblog

I will be playing this Friday, July 28th, at the Buttonwood Tree in Middletown with Tatsuay Nakatani and Andrew Dewar. 8pm

I also have a new place to post mp3s thanks to Bryan Eubanks at Rasbliutto.



Trying to make up for our lapse in updating. Almost there but not quite...


Upcoming releases

Others - What About My Baby Kitty? David Kendall and Jonathan Zorn on laptops, and Rachel Thompson on analog electronics

Old Spice or Albertjz or some other name just not ensemble - Andrew Lafkas, doublbass, Bryan Eubanks, open circuit electronics, Rachel Thompson, violin, Jonathan Zorn, analog electronics


Upcoming performances

August 12 at Hotcakes gallery, Milwaukee, WI. Chris Burns solo, Rachel Thompson, and Jonathan Zorn sound/video duet. Presented by Crouton Music



Tim Olive, and Corrie Befort with Wesleyan students

improvised music and dance

Wesleyan University Campus Center Multi Purpose Room, 222 Church St. Middletown, CT


8 pm



The Boston Sound Collective meets Wesleyan grad students.

The BSC will perform new works by Kyle Brenders, David Jensenius, Hiram Navarette, Eric Paul, and Jonathan Zorn.

Wesleyan University Chapel, High Street, Middletown, CT


8 pm



Music at 773

1st Set: Old Spice - Andrew Lafkas, Bryan Eubanks, Rachel Thompson, Jonathan Zorn

2nd Set: Minnows - Jessica Pavone, Matt Bauder

773 Metropolitan Ave Brooklyn NY

8:30 PM



Bruce Tovsky's space in the Brooklyn Navy Yard

David Kendall, Andrew Lafkas, Rachel Thompson, Jonathan Zorn, Bob Bellerue, Albert Ortega, and many more.



Issue Project Room

1st Set: Bonnie B. Jones + Andy Hayleck

2nd Set: Maria Chavez, Andrew Dewar, Bryan Eubanks, Andrew Lafkas, Aaron Siegel, Rachel Thompson, Jonathan Zorn

8pm $10



Eletro-acoustic improvised music at Wesleyan University

Sunday September 11th Mike Bullock, Vic Rawlings, and Mazen Kerbaj will be coming to Wesleyan University to perform at the campus center multi-purpose room. Opening for them will be a trio of Rachel Thompson, Jonathan Chen, and Jonathan Zorn. Please come check it out if you are in the area. If you are coming from outside the University the address is 222 Church St Middletown CT 06457 (or 06459). The performance space is on the second floor.


We are leaving Minneapolis in the morning. On the road for all of August and then to school. Others all you can eats coast tour is set here are the dates:

(August 22nd-27th we will be touring with Jesse Kudler)

August 18 Brooklyn, BPM

August 20-21 participate in Jack Wright's No Net

August 22 Albany, Fuze Box Lounge

August 23 Easthampton, Flywheel

August 24 Washington D.C., Warehouse Next Door

August 25 Philadelphia, South Philadelphia Athenaeum

August 27 Baltimore,Red Room



I will be performing with Jesse Kudler on July 26th at Know Name records in Minneapolis. Also on the bill Jason Zeh, Mike Shiflet, Right Arm Severed, and Occasional Detroit. This will be my last performance in Minneapolis for some time. I hear the show starts at 7.


Back from our West Coast tour, preparing for our East Coast tour. Others will be on tour Aug 18-27. We will be joined in most stops by Jesse Kudler. Click here for dates and locations and some new mp3s.

Rachel and I will be leading a sound sculpture activity for kids, July 2nd, at Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. It should be fun and it's free.



Rachel Thompson It's Hard to Stop When You're Working in Circles, now available



Jonathan Zorn and Rachel Thompson West coast tour,

June 7th Denver, West Side Books, also Michael Doherty and Toby Sinkinson

June 11th San Diego, with Tucker Dulin and friends, 4862 voltaire st in ocean beach, SD

June 13th Los Angeles, Linespaceline as The Kentucky Knobs (David Rothbaum, David Kendall, Jonathan Zorn) also Mike Hallenbeck

June 14th Los Angeles, Il Corral as Others (Rachel Thompson, Jonathan Zorn, David Kendall)

June 16th San Francisco, Luggage Store Gallery as Others

June 18th Seatle, Gallery 1412

June 19th Portland, FIX Gallery 811 E. Burnside St. with Bryan Eubanks also Paul Hoskin/Jeph Jerman/JP Jenkins.


back in Minneapolis

June 28th Acadia Cafe, Jonathan Zorn solo, also John David and Patrick Goller

July 2nd Walker Art Center, Free First Saturday, sound sculpture activity


coming soon Rachel Thompson's solo violin disc and August dates for Others' East Coast tour.



Ben Stanko, Tomato We Die is out now.

Click here for more info

Jonathan Zorn, Ginger is out on EMR

click here for ginger



Jonathan Zorn and Rachel Thompson will be performing Audiovisions this Saturday in the Calarts CEAIT Festival at the Redcat in downtown Los Angeles.

Click here for ticket information.

Click here for complete schedule.

Ben Stanko's Tomato We Die is being pressed and will be ready in Early March.

Click here for info and audio samples.

The Kentucky Knobs have released a 3 inch on experimental musical research. The Kentuck Knobs are David Rothbaum, David Kendall, and Jonathan Zorn.

Click here for The Kentucky Knobs


In other news, SET will be leaving lovely Southern California for Minneapolis. If for some reason you are wanting to send something in mid-February, email us first to find out where we are.